Holistically designed treats.  Naughty but nice.  

WE MAKE holistically designed raw treats for cafes and grocers, focusing on high nutritional values for wellness and performance.  We use 100% organic ingredients that are ethically sourced.  We use superfoods and nutritive whole foods, keeping the ingredients intact for your body to use optimally.   We never heat our products over 115 to preserve the integrity of the vitamins and minerals.  We never use refined sugars, gluten, dairy, preservatives or additives.  All of our recipes are designed by registered holistic nutritonist and Olympian Kristi Richards.  We are focused on food that resonates with you at the cellular level so you can heal, feel great, and perform at your highest level.  

If you are a cafe or grocery store and would like to carry our holistic treats, please contact Kristi at kristi@solfeggiofoods.com for a full product and price list.  

SOLFEGGIO:  The ancient harmonic scale comprised of healing notes and frequencies.

Food that resonates.